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If you’re involved in the energy industry, you know that we’re experiencing an unprecedented period of uncertainty. But, within that environment, your company still needs to maximise value from your assets and create sustainable profit. Which is where TelosNRG can help you.

TelosNRG provides the energy industry with an agile and responsive operational business partner that complements and enhances in-house capabilities. Our range of experience means we can strengthen your decision making, and deliver viable operations at a lower cost, with less risk and with confidence in compliance. We bridge the knowledge gap between projects, across functions; from management strategy development to practical site execution.

We’ve brought together an experienced team of global energy experts, with significant knowledge in implementing and delivering strategies through operations, efficiently, effectively, and to their maximum potential. A team of experts actively involved in all aspects of the energy value chain, from acquisition to decommissioning.

Our global experience has been gained through our involvement in operations in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, North America and the Former Soviet Union. Whether offshore or onshore, local or international, we will provide you with the depth of experience and knowledge you need to develop and maximise the potential from your company’s assets.

assurance, integrity and transformation

TelosNRG specialises in helping you increase shareholder value through Assurance solutions; when you need to be more certain, including due diligence and compliance. Through Operational and Technical Integrity solutions; when your asset risks become significant and complex and you need certainty in order to operate safely. Through Transformation, by helping you develop strategies and operational models for today and the future; facilitating change processes; to enhance where you have competitive advantage and what you do best.

Whatever your main requirement is, TelosNRG have the ability to create an efficient, cost-effective, and crucially, value-adding response. We provide you with solutions for Budgeting, Contracts & Procurement, Risk Management, HSEQ, Well Engineering & Management, Project Management and Operational Management.

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To find out more, please call us on: +44 207 859 4882 or email us at: info@telosnrg.com. Thank you.

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Call us on: +44 207 859 4882 or email us at: info@telosnrg.com.

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