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For a project to be viable, effective and profitable, it requires the right people, the relevant resources and access to experience and knowledge to ensure its success. If those resources aren’t available internally, you need to work with a collaborative partner who can bring those aspects of Project management to your business.

Through TelosNRG, the experience, personnel, specialists and expertise you need are available to you, when your project demands them. Simply put we provide the right people delivering the right knowledge at the right time for you.

we focus on the critical success factor

Our experienced and integrated team understand the full project lifecycle and how it needs to be integrated into your business. We will work with you to achieve your outcomes, focusing on the critical success factors at each stage of the project lifecycle to deliver them more efficiently and cost effectively.

We specialise in Field development planning, Project feasibility studies, Concept selection studies, Basis of design development Engineering management; Project Delivery; Constructability; Project execution / management; Risk management; Cost modelling and control; Operability and Maintainability; and Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) support.

quality and efficiency

Working with us gives you the agility and flexibility in assigning resources with access to specialised personnel. Our work is conducted under our Project delivery management system; resulting in more efficiency, higher quality and greater value for you.

Integrating our Projects service with our other operational services; enables efficiency gains and cost savings to be realised.

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To find out more, please call us on: +44 207 859 4882 or email us at: Thank you.

specialist services

  • pre-front end engineering design
  • field development planning
  • project feasibility studies
  • concept selection studies
  • basis of design development
  • engineering management
  • project delivery and constructability
  • project execution and management
  • risk management
  • cost modelling and control
  • operability and maintainability
  • non-operated joint venture support
  • peer review

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