managing risk in a major hazard industry

HSEQWe work in a major hazard industry where risk management is a complex process. An industry where the safety of your personnel, the environment, your assets and your reputation is paramount. Maintaining compliance with frequently changing regulations and legislation makes for a challenging business environment.

If you don’t have the internal resources to keep appraised of the requirements, there is an effective and efficient option. Use the expertise and resources of TelosNRG.

improve your HSEQ performance

Our knowledge and experience will help you improve your HSEQ performance and, by implication, the performance and profitability of your business. We’ll work with you to identify your risks, assess the consequences, implement appropriate controls, and bring standardisation to HSEQ across your organisation; delivering lasting HSEQ improvements and minimising any risk to your operating license.

We’ll bring transparency to the impact safety practices have on your operating performance and improve the quality of information, enabling you to make more informed decisions. We’ll help you maintain compliance with legislation and, ultimately, we’ll help ensure that you have the management system in place to protect your people, your assets, the environment and your reputation.

We specialise in Risk Assessment & Management; Asset and Project planning; Regulatory compliance; Operational safety case development; Training and Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) support.

In addition, integrating our HSEQ services with our other operational services; enables efficiency gains and cost savings to be realised.

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specialist services

  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Asset & Project Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational Safety Case Development
  • Training
  • Non-operated Joint venture support

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