contracts, procurement and logistics (CP&L)

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enhance your businessIf your using outside resources to enhance your business and keep your overheads manageable, you should be able to access those resources as and when you require them.

TelosNRG give you that flexibility, with access to a strong and significant resource of specialised personnel, so you can select individual services or an integrated range of resources. We can provide you with Contract Strategy planning, development and implementation; Contract Award & Management; Procurement; Cost Control; Logistics Strategy planning, development and implementation; Consortium strategy planning, development, management and administration; and Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) support.

All our work is conducted under our Contracts, Procurement & logistics management system. This enables you to plan and deliver your objectives knowing that the resources to help you achieve your outcomes are available, efficient and reliable.

In addition, integrating our Contracts, Procurement and Logistics services with our other operational services; enables efficiency gains and cost savings to be realised.

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specialist services

  • Contract strategy development and planning
  • Contract award and management
  • Procurement
  • Cost Control
  • Logistics strategy development and planning
  • Consortium strategy planning, development and administration
  • Non-operated Joint venture support

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