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your responsive and agile operations group

Why does your business need our help? Because, simply put, sometimes you need an outside resource to do the things you don’t have the internal resources available for. Sometimes you need an experienced view to help you identify what your challenges are and how to effectively respond to them. Sometimes you need a partner who can optimise your business and help maximise your assets.

Our industry is facing uncertain times and continual challenges. Think of TelosNRG as your responsive and agile resource to help you deal with those challenges. We provide you with a fully integrated Operations group that you can build a relationship with and access when you need us.

Our team have worked together for a long time, gaining experience and knowledge locally and internationally across all phases of the asset delivery lifecycle. Each person in TelosNRG has been chosen for their exemplary capabilities, attitude and experience. Which means you can trust us to deliver compliantly, profitably and safely.

what can we do for you?

We can supply you with external resources for on-hold projects that don’t require full-time internal resources. We can be your fully integrated, single-point solution for all your operational business needs, including: Projects & Operations; Wells; Risk management & HSEQ; Budgeting & cost control; Contracts, procurement and Logistics and Emergency response and crisis management. We can also help you with Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) support when you need it.

We’ll bring a collaborative approach to our services and deliver increased efficiency in the quality, timing and consistency of your work.

By outsourcing instead of relying on internal resources, we can help you reduce overheads. You’ll be getting, in effect, a flexible, responsive partner, whose resources you only need to access – and pay for – as you need them. We can bridge the knowledge gap within your organisation, across a range of operational services, to help you work efficiently and deliver with confidence.

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To find out more, please call us on: +44 207 859 4882 or email us at: Thank you.

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