effective operational and technical integrity

In our industry, in order to operate safely when your risks are significant and complex, you need certainty that your assets are operated and maintained, throughout their life-cycle, as designed.

Successfully preventing major accident hazards (MAH) requires competent people, effective systems and your continual vigilance.

But, how do you check the effectiveness of your operations management system? How do you confirm your assets are being operated and maintained as planned? How do you ensure your people are competent to operate safely? Or, when operational changes are required, that they are safely controlled and managed?

operational & assurance specialists

The answer is to work in partnership with people who are operational and assurance specialists; who have global expertise in managing major risks, and have a history of developing and implementing effective operational management systems.

TelosNRG can provide you with the operational and technical integrity assurance that you need across all aspects of your business. We specialise in the identification and integration of MAH risk management control measures into the critical aspects of the operations management system. Gap-analysis review and assessment of the effectiveness of operational management systems to prevent incidents. And for continual vigilance, the development and implementation of leading HSEQ performance indicators (PSPI).

reduce your risk profile

By utilising our resources, we’ll help you to reduce your risk profile, ensuring the safety of your people, assets, the environment and your reputation.

We can help you develop an organisational culture with safety at it’s core, where continual improvement and effective risk management ensures successful delivery of results.

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