confidence in your resources


In an uncertain, continually changing industry, you need to be able to rely even more on your resources and systems to deliver your objectives and targets.

Whilst resources are limited, and the industry is fast evolving, deploying your knowledge to maximise your competitive advantage becomes increasingly challenging and critical. Because learned knowledge is difficult to capture, retain and use effectively, you need a management system that guides and sets expectations. You need the confidence that your resources; be those assets, people, or capital, are deployed effectively.

an external view

Sometimes you need an external view to evaluate how well your company operates and responds to challenges, or when you are considering new investment decisions, and you need technical & operational due diligence. If your focus is a specific project or ongoing operation; delivering objectives; business or project risk management; cost or project control; or the effectiveness of your management systems governance, we have solutions that can help.

TelosNRG will bring our industry experience, expertise and understanding of business assurance to review your projects, operations, or processes; to identify your issues and help you to improve your performance, staying competitive in a very competitive industry.

improve your decision making

We’ll give you the impartial and solid information you need to improve your decision making, reduce your risk profile, improve your focus and streamline your business – ensuring your resources and efforts aren’t being wasted.

We can help you develop an organisational culture where performance, risk management and continual improvement, are central to it’s core. We’ll help you to bring maturity to your company, and, as a result, increase shareholder value.

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specialist areas

  • Drilling & Well delivery
  • HSEQ
  • Development Projects
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • Business Management System
  • Contracts & Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Emergency Response
  • Business Continuity
  • Technical & Operational Due Diligence

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