seeking business continuity in midst of corona virus uncertainty

Now that there is hardly a country or region unaffected by Covid-19, all businesses are having to face two questions – do we carry on, and if so, how? And as the virus spreads and lockdowns increase around the world, the answers to these questions becomes ever more crucial.

For our industry, energy, the situation is doubly critical for not only are countless jobs at stake, especially where hydrocarbons are concerned, but so too is the welfare of millions of people. Wherever we are, we all depend on the reliable flow of energy, from householders to frontline medical services a reliable energy supply provides the bedrock upon which our welfare and safety depends.

That the energy industry is coping is a testament to its robust nature and the dedication of its employees. But even they – like the rest of us – are under pressure, from infection; restrictions on personal mobility, notably cross-border; and especially from the downturn in demand for oil.

As might be expected, oil and gas exploration companies are now reviewing planned projects, cutting back on developments and looking for ways to manage through the crisis. But, unlike in previous oil shocks and cycles, the core of the current problem is not economics, but people. The tool pushers, the mud loggers, the OIMs and all the technical staff that keep the exploration and production side of the industry and its companies viable. Viable not just for today, but in the longer term when demand can be expected to return. Perhaps not to a boom time, but certainly upwards as goods and services start to flow.

In recognition of the current issues, TelosNRG has kept its support work for the hydrocarbon sector undiminished. Our planning, systems operations, HSE and technical advisory staff, working remotely as they have done since the company was established, remain available to the industry. Available too to companies in other energy areas such as renewables and unconventional. Who, like the hydrocarbon sector, are also suffering from staff related issues and might benefit from additional professional support to help them through the current Corvid-19 problems and on to a post viral world of opportunity.

Please contact Nicol Shepherd, Keith Bush or Angus Miller at TelosNRG Ltd with enquiries and thoughts.

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